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Floor Gres tiles

Floor Gres was founded in 1962 at Fiorano Modenese by Giovanni Lucchese, a trained engineer who first brought the wet extrusion process for the production of clinker tiles to Italy and then, in 1967, introduced the technology for producing white-body single-fired tiles using the spray-drying method, still one of the most widely used in the ceramic tile industry today. Its continuous investments into research into raw materials, color and design were the foundations of the technological and creative process, the beating heart of the company. Nowadays, Floor Gres is a world-famous brand thanks to unceasing technological development, a perfect synthesis of technology and style, and the capability for handling project design all over the world. Prioritization of a constant dialogue with the world of architecture, and the continuous exchange of know-how, have also been key to the company’s success.


Federal Assembly, Hospital in Loznica, Pool Banjica (hol's), Clinic "Galathea", Hotel "Šumadija"

Tiles   >  Floor Gres tiles


News has incrised the assortment:
- Hydro poles
- Hydro massage jets
- Shower cabins
- Shower tubs
- Sanitary
- Spigots

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