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Adhesives and fugomali

veliki izbor lepkova i fugomala u salonu keramike i sanitarije gea

MAPEI - a world partner in the construction industry

  • Adhesives for floor and wall coverings of ceramic tiles, granite ceramics and natural stone
  • Adhesives for parquetry and floor heating
  • Extras for adhesives to increase flexibility
  • Fast drying fug mass, for fugue from 2-10 mm in 26 colors
  • Flexible one component and two component sealings based on silicon
  • Adhesives for elastic floor and wall coverings of textile, rubber, linoleum, PVC and wood
  • Adhesives and fugomali for swimming pools
  • Products for the preparation and leveling of all base which are used in the construction industry
  • Special hydraulic conectors with fast lower moisturizing content
  • Ready-made solutions and products for fixing concrete
  • Mass and conectors for fixing structures
  • Extras for moroviers and concrete
  • Means to achieve water resistance and security funds
  • Systems for sound insulation
  • Protection of the outer walls
  • Means to remove the stain of cement, Adhesives and fug mass of ceramic pavement

KERAFLEX - glue average flexibility for ceramic tiles

veliki izbor lepkova i fugomala u salonu keramike i sanitarije gea Technical characteristics

Keraflex is a white powder made of cement and construction aggregates. Contains large amounts of synthetic resin and special additives in the formulation developed in MAPEI research laboratory. KERAFLEX mixed with water becomes easy to inflict glue that, due to their easy inflict it can easily be inflicted on horizontal surface without sliding. Because of high resin content, KERAFLEX well handles deforming the surface. KERAFLEX can harden without considerable assembly and a great adherent to all materials, which are used in construction. KERAFLEX is water-resistant and withstanding all weather conditions..


  • Sealing of all kinds ceramic tiles and mosaics in internal and external spaces on the walls, floors and ceilings
  • Sticking grejanim under the covers to substrates
  • Taking on water terraces, facade and pools
  • Spot sticking insulation material (lightweight polystyrene, lightweight polyurethane, stone or glass wool, wood-cement base, etc.)

KERABOND - Glue for ceramic tiles

veliki izbor lepkova i fugomala u salonu keramike i sanitarije gea Technical characteristics

KERABOND is white glue a mixture of cement and MAPEI plastic connector. Pomešan sa vodom koristi se kao lepak za obloge pokazajuci odlicne osobine lepka. Mixed with water it is used as glue for lining, and it has shown excellent glue properties. When it hardens, the glue does not shrink, he is water resistant, and resistant to temperature changes.


KERABOND, glue for ceramic tiles, can be used in all types of ceramic coating, as well as the spot light sticking insulation boards, foam, glass and stone wool. It is suitable for sealing ceramic tiles, mosaics, Board of artificial stone, in any usual, and carrying objects.

KERAFLOOR - Glue for ceramic lining thickness to 15mm

veliki izbor lepkova i fugomala u salonu keramike i sanitarije gea Technical characteristics

KERAFLOOR consists of white or gray cement powder, sand and plastic connector MAPEI. Mixed with water, applied to the floor, or wall, creating a mass of glue. It is hardening without flaw and it is very resistant. KERAFLOOR can associate with all construction material. .


It is used for gluing ceramic tiles, and tiles with a sharp profile, indoor or outdoor (granite tiles, dry pressed board). Also used for gluing large format tiles (granite slabs, tiles Cotta board) and board different thickness, with very ribbed back.

Examples of application

  • Gluing granite tiles with a strong profile back on the normal estrich the surface..
  • Gluing granite tile large format (30x30 and more)
  • Gluing tiles with different thickness on flat backgrounds
  • Gluing ceramic tiles and natural stone on the uneven surface to a thickness of 15mm without Adjustments uneven background

GRANIRAPID - Fast conecting glue for ceramic tiles, natural and artificial stone plates

veliki izbor lepkova i fugomala u salonu keramike i sanitarije gea Technical characteristics

GRANIRAPID consists of two components: gray or white dust (component A) and dispersion of latex in water (component B). GRANIRAPID hardens without flaw, well-adherent and the most difficult surfaces with good resistance to temperature changes as well as large mechanical load. After lining GRANIRAPID-om it is operative after 3 hours, and fully operative after 24 hours. Otporan je na vibracije, temperaturne razlike, hemijska sredstva i starenje. Is resistant to vibration, temperature differences, chemical means and aging.


  • For gluing all types of ceramic tiles in internal and external spaces
  • To take on a fast construction
  • Particularly suitable for placing artificial and natural stone

Examples of application

  • GRANIRAPID is a best by glue for maunting sabil natural or artificial stone plates
  • Laying ceramic and glass mosaics, ceramic tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles and Cottam
  • Covering base artificial stone, natural stone (marble, granite, etc.). where quickly induration is required
  • Taking in all the usual substrates
  • Due to its special characteristics: fast binding and induration GRANIRAPID is particularly suitable for reconstructing floors

MAPESIL AC - Silicone mass for brtvljenje without solvents

veliki izbor lepkova i fugomala u salonu keramike i sanitarije gea Technical characteristics

Mapesil AC colored or transparent silicone jednokomponenta mass, and has the following characteristics:

  • Excellent durability of products. Compounds remain unchanged even after years displayed extreme temperature changes, Polly and plunging into water
  • High flexibility
  • Excellent grip on glass, ceramics, elaxed aluminum
  • Stable on plijesan
  • Flexibility to -40 degrees and stability in the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius
  • It can be easily applied

Examples of application

  • "Brtvljenje" joints in the wall and floor covers of ceramic tiles and cement products, provided that they are not exposed to high abrasion
  • "Brtvljenje" joints between sewage and sanitation equipment, and the board in kitchens, bathrooms and shower cabins, in colors that make a harmony with fug masses
  • "Brtvljenje" dilation joints in the pool
  • Merging composition of glass elements and artificial elements of stained glass
  • "Brtvljenje" door and window frames
  • "Brtvljenje" air channels, water supply pipes, etc.
  • "Brtvljenje" window openings on the boat, windows and glosed frames
  • "Brtvljenje" tank, pipes and water heater
  • "Brtvljenje" and gluing general

ULTRACOLOR - Fug mass for sirine fugue from 2 to 20 mm

veliki izbor lepkova i fugomala u salonu keramike i sanitarije gea ULTRACOLOR mixed with water creates a mort for fuging, which can quickly be on your working surface and it is easy to clean. ULTRACOLOR hardens without flaw, induration becomes resistant to moisture and frost. ULTRACOLOR is easy to clean and Pogodan je za širine fuga od 2 do 20 mm, prohodan je vec za 3 sata it is suitable for wide fugue from 2 to 20 mm, is passable, but for 3 hours.


Cement, watertight quick fuging mort stable properties, for internal and external spaces, for all fuging water on the floor and wall. Especially suitable for fuging lining from:

  • ceramic tiles, products made from stone, "špalt" plates, mosaics and clinker
  • marble plates, plates of natural and artificial stone and concrete slab
  • Cottam plates and glass mosaic

Examples of application

You can fugue mort’s on facades, terraces, in the showers and tubs, the heated floor structures (trade passes, stations and airports), industrial plants large load on the moisture without chemicals.


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