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About us

Company Gea co from Belgrade has been present in this market for 12 years. It retails and manufactures equipment for bathrooms and the interiors. In cooperation with its partners from Italy and Germany, we have been successfully manufacturing: bathroom furniture; aluminum and rubber doormats; equipment for handicapped and disabled persons; shower enclosures and screens; overflow channel gratings; mirrors; garden fountains; Inox skirting boards. We also export natural stone in various dimensions. Our major clients include wholesalers, investors and ceramic show rooms. If you are interested in our products, please contact us and we shall be happy to send you our catalogues and rates.

BATHROOM FURNITURE We have more than 60 models of bathroom furniture of various sizes and colors on offer. Our designers keep track of the latest European trends and our furniture is made of German and Italian materials. We can also provide custom made furniture in line with client’s specific needs. Our products are covered by warranty and our rates are much lower than elsewhere in Europe.

DOORMATS They come in all dimensions and types: inlaid, fitted, interior, exterior. Our materials are imported from Austria (aluminum, rubber, tuftex ...) and our prices are most affordable in Europe. Each doormat comes with a warranty. They are made of best quality materials guaranteeing their durability.

MIRRORS We make high-quality crystal mirrors designed by domestic and Italian designers. We offer 48 various models and we can make them in various dimensions and motifs in line with clients’ specific requirements. We also offer matching mirror-lamps imported from Italy. High-quality mirrors are imported from Italy in panels.

OVERFLOW CHANNEL GRATING We started manufacturing floor channel gratings from the top quality stainless steel – INOX. They come in various dimensions, from 10 x 10 to 15 x 200 cm, along with the bottom part (siphon). Customers can choose their own dimensions. We are the only company that manufactures them in various dimensions, in a range of widths and shapes: square, rectangular, triangular, round, etc. These gratings help resolve the issue of water overflow beneath bathtubs and around gratings. Unlike other gratings, ours do not contain plastic parts which cause breaking and twisting. We provide lasting warranty and take little time to make them. We have 10 models readily available.

SHOWER ENCLOSURES AND SCREENS Although we are one of the rare companies that make shower enclosures with the assistance of Italian designers, we are certainly one of the best according to design and quality. Our shower enclosures are made of 8mm hardened glass with hand-made applications. The glass and frames are imported from Austria and Italy. Our rates for 8mm shower enclosures are far lower than elsewhere in Europe. We provide long-term warranty for our shower enclosures. Screens are made of 6 mm hardened glass and they come in all dimensions and shapes with hand-made motifs and applications. Our major clients are hotels and luxury apartments.

INOX SKIRTING BOARDS AND BORDERS Inox skirting boards – a new method for laying tiles. We are the first in our market to offer Inox skirting boards made of durable stainless steel which do not change color in contact with glue, plaster and other construction materials. Stainless steel border skirting boards (Inox) for outer borders and tiled walls offer an excellent protection from mechanical damage which makes it ideal for homes, industrial facilities, hospitals, etc. In addition, the profile has a rounded border along the entire outer side which is very decorative and easy for cleaning and care.

EQUIPMENT FOR DISABLED AND HANDICAPPED PERSONS We have a variety of products made of Inox, coated with plastic or chrome. We are able to manufacture any shape in line with customer specifications. We currently offer more than 20 models and we are one of the rare companies that offer good quality products at affordable prices.

NATURAL STONE Is delivered in various shapes and dimensions. It is amply used in construction business particularly for facade and interior covering. Stone is one of rare materials used for centuries in construction business due to its durability. It does not change color and other characteristics and is non-toxic. It is better than imitations since does not require any maintenance like artificial stone. Also, the price of natural stone is significantly lower that that of artificial stone. It is easily fixed with tile glue or plaster.

HOME FOUNTAINS In cooperation with one of the largest companies manufacturing home fountains we started to offer fountains of various dimensions and those custom-made. They are made of natural materials and durable. Home fountains can be used in closed and open spaces. The water pump is a small energy consumer and they come with several- year warranty. They are easily installed and can be moved. All you need is an electrical socket (no water hookup is necessary).


News has incrised the assortment:
- Hydro poles
- Hydro massage jets
- Shower cabins
- Shower tubs
- Sanitary
- Spigots

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